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Forigners interested in Russian -made Alligators

13 Jan., AVIA.RU – Russia has received 3 applications for acquiring combat helicopters – Ka-52 Alligators of latest generation from some foreign countries, said Yuri Denisenko, the Progress aircraft company director general in his interview to the RIA Novosti news agency.

According to him, a number of countries has already shown their interest in
acquiring the Ka-52 helicopter. However he declined to say which these states are. Currently these applications are being under consideration. After the signing of the contracts-if the signing will take place at all- the media outlets will be given full information on the matter, Denisenko noted.

He also reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense remained the main customer for Ka-52s which will be purchased to meet the needs of the Russian AF. But this information is still deemed classified.

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