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Dunlop Aircraft starts the construction of a factory for retreading tires

21 February a foundation stone ceremony of a new Dunlop Aircraft Tyres factory of retreading tires took place. The ceremony took place after signing an agreement of creation of a joint company between Dunlop Aircraft Tyres (63%), Hong Kong aircraft building company HAECO (28%) and a Chinese aircraft building company TAECO (9%).  A new enterprise which will be situated in province Fujian is starting its work in the beginning of the next year under the name Dunlop Taikoo Aircraft Tyres Limited.
“This enterprise will allow us to increase substantively our competitive ability on the world market of aircrafts buildings” – says the president of Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Ian Edmondson – “ The number of airlines in Asian-Pacific region is constantly increasing, and correspondingly the demand for aircraft tires is increasing too, so we are glad to get admission to this region. As a partner of Haeco, one of leading aircraft building companies in the world, and its Chinese affiliate company Taeco, we could anticipate the process of capturing of this sector of market”.

Chief executive director of HAECO and the president of TAECO Mr. P.K. Chan has announced: “The retreading of tires will enlarge the range of production offered by our company to our present and future aviation clients of Asian-Pacific region. Besides, we are very glad to cooperate with the leader of this branch, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres».

AAC Capital Partners, which used to be a private joint-stock company ABN Amro, has bought 74,6% of shares of Dunlop Aircraft Tyres in May 2007.
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