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Airline AK Bars Aero took its first flight to Moscow on CRJ 200

Company Bombardier Aerospace welcomes the entry of the Russian airline Ak Bars Aero from the Republic of Tatarstan in the ranks of operators of aircraft family CRJ.
The airline started flight operations on 50-seat already in use regional jets Bombardier CRJ200 LR under a lease agreement with a third party. Liner CRJ200 LR airline Ak Bars Aero successfully made its first flight from the airport Begishevo (Naberezhnye Chelny) at Moscow's Domodedovo airport 14 April 2010.
Rate high comfort plane could first 26 passengers. In flight they saw off the First Deputy General Director of OJSC "AK Bars Aero Rinat Shakirov Rashidovich. Return flight from Moscow flew 20 more passengers. Many of them were pleasantly surprised with the service on board and willing to share positive emotions with the stewardesses Tatiana Alyushin.
When approaching Begishevo "in a heavy snowfall had little fly in the waiting area. But thanks to the skill of the commander of the aircraft Alexandra Arkhipova and the improved weather conditions was a happy landing.
Starting today in Begishevo "came into effect a convenient and fairly tight schedule airline flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Moscow "AK Bars Aero offers two regular daily flights (at 06:30 and 19:00) and one (at 14:00) - on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In the Northern capital will be regular flights (at 11:15) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Benefits to fly to Moscow that they are equally useful for solving both business and private matters of passengers (customers, companies can schedule a flight in the morning, lunchtime or evening).
Airline Ak Bars Aero (up to 2009 Bugulminsky airline) was founded in 1953 and became the fourth Russian purchaser of aircraft CRJ200. According to the airline an additional four CRJ200 LR aircraft will join its fleet in the near future. Ak Bars Aero plans to use aircraft CRJ200 on its network of routes linking the main airports of Tatarstan with many cities in Russia, CIS and other countries.
CRJ200 LR aircraft airline Ak Bars Aero is equipped with two turbofan engines upgraded CF34-3B1 General Electric Company and can perform flying at a cruising speed of 860 km / h, which corresponds to the number of Mach 0.81. The maximum flight range of aircraft with 50 passengers on board is 2820 km (1525 nautical miles). The aircraft is certified for flights at altitudes up to 12496 m (41000 feet). CRJ200 aircraft is characterized by excellent operating economics and commonality with other models of family CRJ, which provides customers with ample potential for exploitation and the potential for savings.

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