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Dunlop Aircraft Tyres will prizvodit aviashiny instead Yokohama


Company Dunlop Aircraft Tyres strengthens its position in the market aviashin, bought from Yokohama equipment for production.
Dunlop purchased equipment for testing and production aviashin the company Yokohama Rubber Company, Which last year announced its intention to withdraw from the production aviashin.

The new investment will allow us Dunlop expand its product range tires for airplanes Boeing 777.

Mr. Ian Edmondson, CEO DAT, Said: "The company Yokohama has a very high reputation in Japan, thanks to manufacturing high quality products, tires Boeing 777 including those that are very widely exploited on domestic routes.

"Acquiring Equipment from Yokohama, We increase the global volume manufacturing aviashin and strengthens the company's position Dunlop Aircraft TyresAs well as make it possible to expand product range. Mr. Edmondson also said that for the past several months, the equipment will work at full capacity.

Recently DAT, Which this year celebrates the 100th anniversary production aviashin, opened its new office in China, which, besides the distribution of tires and service for retreading will also act as a supplier aviashin and cameras to them.

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