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Kordiant abandoned manufacturing aircraft tires

Tire company "Kordiant" (formerly "Sibur - Russian Tyres") has decided to turn his attention to the tires for passenger vehicles and trucks, so she got rid of non-core business - the manufacture of aircraft tires. Last spring 2012, the company "Kordiant" allocated their production aircraft tires, which was based on the Yaroslavl Tire Plant (YaShZ), a separate structure - "YaShZ Air", but at the end of December 2012, according to the documents of the Yaroslavl plant, went out of business. There is information that the bus company has sold its non-core businesses Altai combine the bus (Ashk). Note that on the sale YaShZ manufacturing aircraft tires was met ambiguously plant specialists, as about 200 of them may lose their jobs. YaShZ was the only production in Russia, which produces the domestic tires for civil and military aircraft, including for the president's plane. Share in the proceeds of aircraft tires holding "Kordianta" was only 1-2%. According to the company, "Kordianta", its share in the domestic market of aircraft tires in 2011 was 24% in terms of unit shipments, 18% - in real terms. Foreign aircraft manufacturers are not buying tires produced in Russia, but on the domestic civil aircraft (IL-96, Tu-204, Tu-204SM, AN-148) and put more Goodyear or Dunlop. But the aircraft tires from the Yaroslavl plant known in the military, and buy them, not only Russian consumers and clients of domestic military aviation industry - India and Venezuela. Also, aircraft tires need to frequently update (one bus is suitable for 200 takeoffs and landings), then the amount of the secondary market is very impressive. At a cost of tires "YaShZ Air" is not inferior to foreign analogues, and with large volumes of delivery there are discounts of up to 30%.

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